Product Title and Features

River Retail will make sure your title is informative and clear with search-friendly terms. This optimizes your product’s searchability. We will ensure that your product has many photos including lifestyle images. We will also add important feature information that will convince buyers why they should buy your products instead of your competitor’s.

Product Title and Features img

The product title should be informative and clear with search friendly terms. This optimizes the product’s searchability. The title should include verbiage that differentiates your brand from your competitors.
The product photos are the first impression buyers will have of your products. The images should show different angles of the product as well as lifestyle photos showing the product being used.
The product features, or bullet points, are imperative to add value to the product listing. It should be clear to buyers why they should buy your brand over your competitors’. It is important to put yourself in your buyer’s shoes and make the product’s key features relatable and informative.