About US

River Retail is a family run business in SW Ohio who's been bringing high quality items to Amazon for over 10 years and helping other small businesses along the way. We believe in the power of small business. We work with small businesses on their kitting/bundling needs, Amazon removal orders and fulfillment needs. We also offer specialty groceries and pantry staples on Amazon and ebay. You'll soon be able to help us support non-profits by purchasing from us directly.

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Working directly with your company we can sell, warehouse and manage your Amazon account to maximize results and reduce fees. We specialize in giving you complete control back and protection over your product information, images, and pricing.

We understand your competition and what it takes to identify product gaps and opportunities. In addition to your products gaining exposure to millions of potential customers, you are working with a family oriented company focused on integrity, white glove customer service, and results. We buy from you at a discount and sell your products on Amazon. With the discount we receive, we will manage your products by doing all of the following for you at no additional cost.


  • Customer Product Review monitoring
  • Customer Product Q&A monitoring
  • MAP monitoring (if desired)
  • Advertising Campaigns – Pay Per Click
  • Product Listing management
  • Amazon Case Management
  • List new products not already on Amazon
  • Creation of brand storefront *
  • Creation of enhanced listing content *
  • Brand Advertising Campaign *
  • Link creation to Amazon for social media, website, etc
  • Monthly reports covering customer reviews, Q&A, sales rank, and more**

* Requires registration of your brand with Amazon. We will help with the process if not done. If you already have it registered, then we would need user access to do the work.

** We are only able to report on sales, inventory, velocity, and other details related to the sales we have on our account, not for other sellers of your products.

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