Ignore Amazon Sellers?

You have a number of companies selling your products on Amazon. Why not just ignore them?

Incorrect data about your products and misleading statements are taken seriously by the government. These statements are being made publicly and about your products, so they expect them to be truthful or it constitutes false advertising.

Companies that sell your products are focused only on making a profit. They want to buy low and sell high. They are not going to spend time making your products look good.

Multiple sellers can get into a bidding war which keeps lowering the price until they are below your other channels. This can cause a great deal of trouble with your larger buyers such as distributors and grocery chains.

Advertising costs money and so it won't get done. If you want to increase your awareness on Amazon, you need to control the Buy Box and that requires some effort. Only then will an advertising campaign be worthwhile.

In general, your content will not be monitored. There are bad actors out there that will change your listings in an effort to capitalize on your success.